15/05/2015 10:28

From 15 May to October 31, 2015 Il Cenacolo Vinciano 2 x EXPO makes occasion and event, the encounter with the immortal fresco by Leonardo da Vinci.

Millions of visitors to Milan will not be able to access the vision of the Da Vinci's Last Supper in Santa Maria delle Grazie, due to the reservations already exhausted for the duration of the EXPO.

The exhibition:

•Projection in high resolution and full-size (cm 460 x 880) of the Last Supper, positioned exactly as within its natural location in Santa Maria delle Grazie.
•Print in high resolution and full size of the Crucifixion of Montorfano, positioned exactly as within its natural place in Santa Maria delle Grazie.
•Eight monitors from 55 inch installed at the perimeter of the location where they will be projected other paintings and documents relating to the works of Leonardo.
•Print in high resolution and full size of details of the Last Supper, positioned between the eight monitors from 55 inches
•A videodella duration of 20 minutes where Leonardo tells of the Last Supper

The video (1):
The image to a stretch takes life and turns in the first frame of a documentary narrated by Leonardo himself: the Offstage voice of a narrator who has the piglio cultural of an art historian, a surprise, with a found theater creations, reveals himself to be one of the great renaissance artist.
An actor 40enne, of the same age as Leonardo when he began to
Paint the work, enters the scene telling on themselves, their lives, their own multifaceted talent and how they have come to Milan in 1494, charged with painting the refectory of Santa Maria delle
IT IS a monologue, Leonardo, which takes place in our day: suspended in time without time of the art, when it enters the historical aspects and pictorial of the painting, telling the story is told in Genesis, the studies of perspective, the religious philosophy and their personal convictions insite in opera, it breaks the present when Leonardo moves in a Milan dreamlike, checking with
Pride that his projects have become a reality.