A Cantù Le Chiuse di Leonardo Da Vinci

10/04/2015 14:25

Cantù (Como), March 8, 2015 - will not be the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, but for the City of Mobile wooden locks designed by Leonardo da Vinci for Martesana have the value of a true masterpiece. Ancestors of all hydraulic doors of the world closed, after more than six centuries of history, will be restored in the coming weeks right in the city, thanks to the work of the School of Restoration of Cesrl in collaboration with the Polytechnic. The doors are named for the Conca dell'Incoronata, inaugurated back in 1496, the penultimate of the basins on the channel before its junction with the inner circle of canals.

At that time the great genius of the Renaissance was in Milan several times worked on the mechanism of the lock gates to facilitate the input and output of water basins, as is apparent from the drawings and notes contained in the Codex Atlanticus, kept in the Library Ambrosiana. It is widely agreed that the scholars have been made the "Porte Vinciane" for the first time on Conca dell'Incoronata and that of San Marco. A system so effective that it is still in use on all channels of the world. Beginning in the coming weeks and throughout the month of April in Sant'Ambrogio, in Piazza Marconi, will host the closed wooden, restored by professors and students of wood restoration.

"The choice of Cantu took place due to the fact that the city is notoriously considered the center of woodworking and is therefore the most titrated to host this important restoration which, among other things will happen in the month of the Salone del Mobile - explains the mayor, Claudio Bizzozero - At the end of the restoration the locks will be relocated all'Incoronata for the opening day of the Expo. "