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15/05/2015 10:28
From 15 May to October 31, 2015 Il Cenacolo Vinciano 2 x EXPO makes occasion and event, the encounter with the immortal fresco by Leonardo da Vinci. Millions of visitors to Milan will not be able to access the vision of the Da Vinci's Last Supper in Santa Maria delle Grazie, due to the...
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Intorno a Noi

14/05/2015 10:27
Cenacolo Vinciano 2 in teh City It will create a sort of arch space-time extended not only on this side and beyond the event, but also in and out of the exhibition site which will be felt in the form dilated and amplified the effect of Expo Milano 2015, also at the show Leonardo tells the...
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Container Art

13/05/2015 12:00
  Container Art is a museum of contemporary art outdoor presenting 12 works by as many Italian artists. The museum will be installed in twelve municipalities close to Expo. The workstations museums employ a monitor from 55 inches (121.76 x 68.49 cm) through which will screen the trailer...
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Opens at the Palazzo Reale in Milan The Great Exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci

16/04/2015 13:53
At Expo 2015, therefore, the most important ever organized in Italy. The exhibition, sponsored by the City of Milan and created and produced by Palazzo Reale and Skira Editore, scheduled from 16 April 2015, represents a unique opportunity to see and understand in an overview of the extraordinary...
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A Cantù Le Chiuse di Leonardo Da Vinci

10/04/2015 14:25
Cantù (Como), March 8, 2015 - will not be the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, but for the City of Mobile wooden locks designed by Leonardo da Vinci for Martesana have the value of a true masterpiece. Ancestors of all hydraulic doors of the world closed, after more than six centuries of history, will...
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